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> Chitwan National Park (CNP) is situated in south central Nepal covering 932 sq. km. in the subtropical lowlands of the inner Terai. Chitwan National Park was declared the first national park of the Nepal. By 1977, the promulgated boundaries were increased from 540 sq. km. to 932 sq. km. Recognizing its unique ecosystem of international significance, UNESCO declared the park a World Heritage Site in 1984. The Chitwan Valley consists of tropical and subtropical forest with mostly sal (Shorea robusta) forest covering about 80 percent of the area. Grassland cover about 12 percent of the park. There are more than 68 different types of grasses, including the elephant grass (Saccharum spp.), which grows to a height of 8m. The park is home to more than 68 species of mammals, 55 species of amphibians and reptiles, 546 species of birds and 120 species of fish. The endangered fauna found in the park include the One-horned Rhinoceros, Gaur Bison, Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Elephant, Four-horned Antelope, Pangolin, Golden Monitor Lizard, Python.birds Asian open bill stork Honey hazard, Gaint horn bill king fisher.etc
> We Manage the activities for a typical
> 1. Jungle Treking (1-5 days)
> 2. Jeep Safari (4 hours/8 hours)
> 3. Elephant Ride ( G.V.T./ P.V.T.)
> 4. Elephant Bathing (1 hours)
> 5. Bird Watching (1-5 days)
> 6. Canoe Ride, rapti river (1hours-2hours)
> 7. Tharu Village Tour with oxcard (3 hours)
> 8. Cycling to 20 thousands Lake with elephant breeding center
> 9.Tower Night sleep in to the jungle
> 10. Managing all the package of mountain treking.
> If you wonder to visit Nepal plz contact in this ph. number:-977+9812114298


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